Chris Bumstead Tattoos And Its Meanings

An IFBB professional bodybuilder from Canada with the full name of Christopher Adam Bumstead, Chris Bumstead is known as Chris Bumstead.

Chris is a multiple-time Mr. Olympia winner in the Classic Physique division. As of 2019, he’s won this award every year from 2019 to 2021. He also goes by the Daddy CBum and CBum.

Beyond his ring accomplishments, his online presence is well-known for its motivating and inspirational posts about health, fitness, and a healthy way of life. Chris’s body tattoos are the subject of this essay, which explores another unique aspect of his personality. Let’s have a look at what they have to say.

Chris Bumstead Tattoos And Its Meanings

1. Chest Roman Numerals

Chris Bumstead Tattoos And Its Meanings

‘LVIII LXI XC XC’ is inked on the left side of his upper back in roman numerals on his upper left arm.

Meaning: These may be changed to the format ’58 61 90 90.’

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2. The Tiger’s Face Tattoo

Chris Bumstead Tattoos And Its Meanings

Chris has a large tiger tattoo on his right forearm, which he describes as a “masterpiece.” The tiger is a sign of strength, courage, power, determination, and spirit, among other qualities.

Also, the tiger kittens are seen as the ultimate blend of power and naivety, and this noisy predator is connected with sovereignty and liberty.

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